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“A quoi sert le président des États-Unis?”

December 6th, 2016

Participation à émission “L’Atelier du pouvoir” animé par Ariane Chemin et Vincent Martigny, diffusée le 5 novembre sur France Culture. L’émission dure environ 55 minutes.


Prélude au chaos: les primaires aux États-Unis

May 29th, 2016

Analysis of the early stages of the U.S. Primary Elections on the side of Republicans and Democrats. Who were the candidates, why did they propose to run, what did they want to do? This is a running commentary with critical reflections on the candidates and the parties that they claimed to represent. It was completed after the Super Tuesday primaries which seemed to outline the future results.

Published in the Bi-monthly French magazine Diplomacy, number 80, May-June 2016.

Some of the descriptions and analyses here led to the conclusions proposed in Le Monde, 24 mai 2016, “Les Primaires, un mirage démocratique”.

Prélude au chaos, les primaires…