La tempête Trump et le discours d’adieu d’Obama

January 12th, 2017

Obama’s “Farewell Discourse” was yesterday evening in Chicago. Trump’s first press conference as “almost crowned president” took place today, in New York, at Trump Tower.
I was asked yesterday morning to comment on the Farewell Discourse. Then, live, came the Trump nonsense. I was offended by the Radio station’s failure to warn me, but my anger became in fact a good excuse to say what I think about the whole mess–first criticizing Trump, then the Press for its gullibility and avidity, then praising Obama…only to then criticize his failure to seize the moment in 2008, and his meliorist politics since then– and to conclude by criticizing the resulting inability of the Clinton campaign’s to pretend to authenticity.

This was off the cuff– and in 8 quick minutes: but I stand by it.

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