January 1st, 1981

Selected Political Writings of Rosa Luxemburg (New York:  Monthly Review Press, 1971).  Second Printing, 1973, Third Printing, 1975, Fourth Printing, 1981.

The Unknown Dimension:  European Marxism since Lenin (with Karl E. Klare), (New York:  Basic Books, 1972).

  • Spanish translation, Editorial  Paidos: Buenos Aires, 4 volumes, 1973.
  • Japanese translation, Gendai no Riron: Tokyo, 2 volumes, 1973.

Serge Mallet’s Essays on the New Working Class (editor and translator with Dean Savage), (St. Louis:  Telos Press, 1975).

Stony Brook Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 1, “Philosophy and Social Theory,” (with P. Byrne and J.C. Evans), (Stony Brook, New York, 1974).

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